Guide To Authors

Submission of Papers:Submission is representation that the manuscript if applicable, the author(s) will assume the cost of producing colour illustrations. Secondly, that in consideration of the  Sunmes Integrated Services taking action in reviewing and editing the submission, the author(s) hereby transfers, assigns or otherwise conveys all copyright ownership to the Sunmes Integrated Services

 Title Page: Include on the title page a concise title not more than 18 words, the author(s) name(s) starting from surname and initial, institutional affiliation of each authors, address, email and phone numbers.

Abstract and key words: The abstract not exceeding 250 words should provide brief description of the title of the study, procedure, objectives and significant findings with emphasis on new observations. Include 5-10 key words below the abstract.

Introduction: This should include only the portion of the literature which is relevant to the objective(s) of the study. Clearly state the purpose (s) and reason(s) of the studybeing reported. 

Materials and Methods (Methodology): Present materialsand methods in such detail that the work can be duplicated by others. Reference established methods and describe only new or modified methods.

Results: Describe results concisely and in s logical sequence, and may be illustrated with figures and tables. Tables and figures should be consistent with the text and not repetitious. Discussion sections should be restricted to the significant findings and should not digress into peripheral issues.

Draw conclusion based only on reported data, link them up to objectives.

 Uses of Abbreviations: Use standard abbreviations whenever possible, the full term for which the abbreviation stands for, then abbreviation in parenthesis except for standard units of measurements. 


 Reference all articles cited in the text and arrange them alphabetically. Cited author(s) name starting from surname and initial followed with the full title of the article in lower case letter, journal title, the year, the volume, numbers and inclusive pages and italicize the publishers.

 Tables Cite tables in consecutive order. Do not use internal horizontal and vertical lines.

 Review processes: Receipt of manuscript will be acknowledged as soon as possible. Manuscripts are subjects to editorial revision. A manuscript based on previously published data will not be accepted unless in a reviewed work. Off print copy of edited manuscript will be made available to the authors for perusals and comments before publication.

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