International Journal of Science and Energy Researches

The Journal is designed to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of the increasingly extensive applications of new scientific systems techniques and methods.  The journal publishes articles, essays, and studies across the entire scale of Science and Technology systems. Education is an integral  part of this  amalgamation of science, and selected articles are published in this area. Since existing scientific system are constantly being modified to fit particular circumstances and to solve specific problems. The journal includes a special section devoted to status reports on current issues. Short communications of a less technical nature are published as Letter to the Editor. These must contain objective data, allowing independent verification and comparison with other existing or proposed systems. This journal also accept to advertised materials and services of scientific significant provided that they will be of benefit to the scientific world. 

  1. International journal of science and energy Researchers
  • Environmental studies
  • Veterinary NS Biosciences,
  • Technology
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Medicine and Pharmaceutical science
  • Etc



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