Alimi Silifat Faramade

Department of Biology,

Federal College of Education

Yola – Adamawa State.


Climate changes, consequently, global warming is real. Therefore there is need to evolve effective eco-forming system to mitigate it. First among all strategies is to identify the causes and to be able to mitigate is to have climate-smart intelligence (knowledge of vulnerability, coping, adaptation and attitudinal changes). As one of the major cause is deforestation for agriculture, urbanization and industrialization. Thus, this study was undertaken to assess the possibility of using pots to raised plants in order to combat climate changes. This study was conducted in the research garden of the Federal College of Education, Yola, Adamawa State of Nigeria from 1st June, 2013 to 31st August, 2014. Twenty (20) wooden nursery boxes measuring 1.50 x 1.50 feet were constructed. The bottom and the top were left opened to allowed contact with the soil and the top to permit irrigation. Twenty (20) same size of the box were made on the bare soil. The boxes were filled with soil and the bare soil areas were made into bed using same soil. Both experimental units were randomly placed at 5 x 5 metres with same area, watered and allowed to settle for 7 days and ten (10) seeds of Moringa oleifera were planted in each experimental unit. After plants emergence, plants were thin to three per unit and latter to one (1). During the period of the experiment, no agrochemical was applied but the units were sufficiently watered using water can. Data collected were analyzed using ANOVA and means compared using least significant difference (LSD) at P=0.05. Results showed that the degree of morphological appearances in both experimental units, plants of potted experiment are more desirable. Secondly, greater plant emergence, soil chemical properties and plant height were better in the potted experimental units compared to those of control units. Therefore, potted plants are hereby recommended for the raising and to grow plants in the study area to mitigate climate change, thus the global warming.  

Keywords: Climate-Smart, Vulnerability, Deforestation, Global Warming, Green House Gases, Mitigate

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