Caregiver’s competency in the utilization of the Integrated Early Childhood Development (iecd) curriculum

Mohammed K. Aisha and Yahaya Abdulrasheed

Department of Early Childhood Care and Education

Federal College of Education, Yola


One  must recognize that  any  thing worth doing  must be  done  effectively and efficiently, caregiver’s  competency  in the utilization of ECCE curriculum was the  topic designed for this research  with the  purpose of assessing the  level of  effective  and  efficient utilization of  the curriculum design for pre-school children.  Three  research questions were  objectively tested; sample respondents for the study were  randomly  selected among teachers of preschool in Adamawa state. Survey  study was conducted using  three  instrumental methods for data collection. Average weighted response (TAWR) was the statistical technique employed to analyze data. Findings indicated vividly that the process of curriculum design must base its objectives on the teacher interest, pupils’  interest, as well  as  individual  cultural  orientation peculiarities in harmonization with the national ambition. Findings also indicated there has been improvement on the recognition and awareness of ECCE curriculum which was identified as set back in the implementation process by  previous researches.  With this,  two research questions tested were accepted and one was rejection accordingly. Conclusion and recommendations were also drawn stating implications of the study respectively

Key words: Competency, Utilization, Curriculum, Early Childhood, Development, Caregivers


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